Thursday, October 6, 2011

Con on the Cob’s Heather Kreiter!!

Heather is the art show director for Con on the Cob, as well as a fabulous artist. In addition to freelancing for various game companies like White Wolf and AEG, she has her own line of evil ponies. Despite her busy schedule she took a moment to answer a few questions.

So much of your work is in ccg's and rpg's, do you play any of the games you create art for?
- Unfortunately no, I just don't have the time. However, I used to play Vampire: the Eternal Struggle back in the day when it used to be called Jyhad

What first triggered your love of the fantastic (ie. vampires, faeries, demonic ponies, etc.)?
- Probably when I was 11, when I developed a huge love for Unicorns. This lead to my love of My Little Ponies and thus many decades later, the development of the Demon Ponies. The rest of my interest in the fantastic developed after I read a book called the Sleeping Dragon, by Joel Rosenberg.

Artists do not exist in vacuums (they would explode), which artist do you admire, and why?
- Wow, I don't know that I can pick just one, so I guess I'll have to say Steve Argyle. As someone who works exclusively in traditional mediums I'm always impressed by work that is done in a medium that I don't work in. Steve's computer work and attention to detail is just mind blowing. I could spend hours looking at his work. He's also a hysterically funny and down to earth guy, which just makes him that much more endearing.

You also do a bit of taxidermy, as well as projects outside of the game industry. Which project have you found to be the most rewarding?
- Despite the fact that almost all of my artwork is 2D, I get a great satisfaction after I've created something three dimensional, like my Gryphons. There's just something about creating something and being able to physically hold it and look at it. On the other hand when I finish a painting that I've truly enjoyed working on and it comes out even better than I had anticipated, that's really rewarding as well.

In creating your My Little Demons, what inspires you to add to your line up?
- Honestly, just about anything! For example, Pokey Poof and the future line of Creeper Demons (based on Creepy Crawly things) were inspired by a little run in I had with an underground Yellow Jacket's nest.

Also, what made you look at a pony and think "That would be so much better with fangs."
- That more emerged from the fact that I'm actually a My Little Pony collector, and obviously, I'm a little weird. I basically just took my love of the macabre and blended it with my love of ponies!

How did you get tangled up in this Con on the Cob thing?                
- Andy has been a friend of mine since my early convention days. I'm always happy to be included in any endeavors that Andy comes up with! Plus, how can you not want to be involved with something that has a name like "Con on the Cob"??!!

I recently saw a picture of you spanking a teddy bear, did it really deserve it? I believe there are laws against abusing toys.
- Actually, that was a monkey, and he clearly deserved the spanking that he got...

Finally, are there any upcoming projects that we can look forward to?
- Absolutely! I have two new paintings coming out in the Blood Country Expansion of Nightfall as well as work in the next 3 expansions of L5R. I'll also be releasing a new My Little Demon    coloring book, hopefully before the holidays featuring many new Demons that have yet to be released.                                              

Any final comments?
- Feel free to keep up to date with any of my endeavors on either the Heather Kreiter Art or My Little Demon Facebook pages or my website,!

Thank you Heather, I hope that monkey doesn’t need therapy now. That is all for now, hopefully there will be more Con on the Cob goodness to come!

Photo by Paige Barbis

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