Thursday, October 20, 2011

Con on the Cob 2011!!

     So, another Con on the Cob has come and gone, leaving me wondering what will next year be like. Sometimes I get this bit of emptiness inside of me after a con and I think I have it figured out. I feel satisfaction after a con where I have been able to participate, where I have invested my time into something besides scoping the dealer's room. Unfortunately I had a family member become ill mid con, going from "man this cough is annoying." to "Holy macaroni, I gotta see a doctor." now I am not complaining since it helped me glean a bit of wisdom from it.

     I was there from Saturday morning until the Corny Awards at the end of the con. I got to talk to all kinds of folks ranging from friends and gamers to artists and game designers, but I was always too late to play in any of the games  I wanted to get in on. I did not get the bunch of pictures I was hoping to get nor any amazing stories for you folks, just some advice. Sign up. Whatever convention you are going to try to volunteer or help out in some way, even if it is just spreading the word. Run a game or something just interact with the experience more than just wandering through it.

     So, my goal is to keep anyone interested up to date and to sign up to run a game at the show. I am hoping to have more interviews, like the one with Heather Krieter. Also, I am putting my 4E D&D game on hold so that after this weekend I will start running something with savage worlds. I just need to get with my group to see what they would be interested in playing. Of course I have several settings with which to run, plus it will get me used to running savage worlds and that is what I plan on running next year.

     So I apologize for any rambling, and hope you have gotten something out of this. Take care folks!!

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