Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What to Play! part 1

   Hey there folks, just wanted to go over what savage worlds stuff I have available to run for my group. Going trough my collection and getting excited about running these settings, I figured I would share the love, hehe. These may be new to you or it will be a trip down memory lane, either way I hope you enjoy it. Ps. these descriptions are just my quick impressions, I figured it was better than copying the back of the book to you.

     We begin with 50 fathoms, evernight, and rippers both are due to be updated soon. 50 fathoms is about a fantasy world cursed by a witch to drown, and it is outstanding. The races are distinctive, with a crab race, and humanoid walrus men and squid folk. Evernight is also a fantasy setting where a race of spider creatures has invaded and have caused the skies to darken. It uses typical player races but the story behind the invaders is fascinating. Finally we have rippers, which is set during the Victorian era where monsters are real and it is up to an elite group, called rippers, to protect humanity. The title comes from the technology they use to “rip” bits from the monsters they defeat and graft them onto themselves. Say you want some badass claws and you have just defeated a werewolf, there you go. The only thing stopping me from running one of these right now is the fact that they will be updating these soon, starting with 50 fathoms.

     This last one for today is tour of darkness, set in Vietnam during the conflicts between the French and the Vietnamese, and later the US. Something dark lurks in the jungle, more dangerous than the locals. As far as I know this is not due for reprint, and I doubt it will be picked, though it is very interesting as part of the whole weird war line that savage worlds has going.

     That is all for now, I will be back later with some more for your perusal. Take care everyone!

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