Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday's game: through the Hell Gate

So, this past Sunday my group went after the umbral that got away in the hopes of retrieving the artifact. The tracks left by it eventually led to rubble blocked door, which they cleared away to find it was a gate with a special lock on it. They had to place four gems into four slots on the door, and then imbue the mechanism with some energy (arcane, divine, or primal). They accomplished both tasks admirably and Jinx provided the energy which drained her of a healing surge.

As the doors swung open a burst of white light and astral fire erupted from the doorway, catching everyone in it's path and leaving several pools of radiant fire still burning. Several shadow forms sped past the group and through the aperture, whispering words of thanks to the group for opening the door. Suddenly, six legion helguards, four bearded devils, and a pain devil captain emerged, eying the group warily. Initiative was rolled and Jinx was first, using words of friendship and her natural diplomatic skills she avoided a fight. Apparently the devils were here to deal with some demonic influence in this realm. The captain and Jinx reached an agreement, the devils could pass unmolested as long as they left the Starfel alone, and the pc's were allowed to enter the gate to retrieve their item. The captain even sent a bearded devil as guide, and Thornfel escorted the group of devils up to the surface. Zeeblun noticed something odd during the exchange, but apparently felt it was unimportant as it was not mentioned.

The group moved on through the gate, following their guide eventually coming to a large ruined hall. Abruptly, shadows swirled about the group and five umbral coalesced from the dark recesses. The devil walked away, explaining that his services were at an end. Combat commenced, with the umbral getting struck down only to return as a different being. Spined umbral who shot razor pieces of shadow at their enemies, hulking umbral who smashed whatever was in it's way, and the mastermind who could move opponents and allies alike as it attacked. The group played it safe, only attacking one or two at a time so they only had to deal with two or three transformed umbral. Once the fight was over, the group located the artifact and began their trek back to the surface.

So ended another session, I wonder what the devils are up to and how it will affect the world? Perhaps we will find out in two weeks, it should be a blast! Take care, and remember you can leave comments now, it is not limited to members.

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