Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More GGO picnic

A couple posts ago I wrote about the GGO picnic, mainly talking about some anti 4E talk and it's inherent absurdity. Today I will tell you the good things that happened. There was food and conversation, I had my copies of star frontiers which had people reminiscing. Children were off playing with boffer (foam) swords and adults were playing various board and card games. Personally, it takes me some time to warm up to the idea of playing a game at these events.

Once I was in the mood I played in a game of swords and wizardry, a fun little retro clone that hews close to od&d. Real close, as the thief I was playing had only two hit points and I died after getting hit by a ghoul. Thankfully there was a potion of raise dead nearby so I was able to play some more. Soon after I began setting up my impromptu star frontiers game, starting out with a few players it grew to six. I ran the one page adventure from the book, where the pc's are sent to find a crashed ship, recover the homing beacon, and rescue any survivors. I stuck to my KIS rule (keep it simple) and everyone had a good time without getting bogged down by learning all of the rules. I explained the basics, anything extra we dealt with as needed, and everyone got their moment in the spotlight.

Well there you go, another annual GGO picnic has come and gone. I will be back later this week, take care everyone. Also, I opened the comments so anyone can leave one, not just members.

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