Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lowdown on Con on the Cob

So here I am with some more information about Con on the Cob, the most most you will have at a convention! Let us start off with one the guests, Rev. Ivan Stang from the church of the sub genius. A recent addition to the lineup, he will speak to the righteous slack in all of us, check his site .

Dementia, it is not just for that weird guy down the street anymore. It is a reference to music played by the ineffable Dr. Demento on his radio show! Con on the Cob has that in spades, with big names like Worm Quartet, Positive Attitude,Luke Ski and more. In addition to dementia there is the amazing they have Destiny Beard, an amazing lyrical soprano.

You like art? Well will be some awesome artists coming starting with the visually eloquent Larry Elmore and always artful Arnie Swekel. The effervescent Heather Kreiter will be running this mad show of talent and have some of her work there. Atomic Tony and the colossal Kay Steele will make an impression with their dynamic styling. An adroit Ed Beard Jr. and Jeff "Uncanny" Carlisle round out the incredible ensemble of listed artists, but there will be even more eye candy for your optic nerves.

Games? There will plenty, with Silvervine Games and Michael Varhola being the special gaming guests. Sean Patrick Fannon returns once more to thrill us savage worlds/Shaintar fans with more exciting games to galvanize your heroic nature. Trust me, if you want an awe inspiring, at the very least a lot of fun then Sean's your man. Jamie Chambers, the convivial creator of the cortex system will be there as well, giving free hugs to the needy (or not). There also be many games of 4E D&D Living Forgotten Realms ran throughout the event.

Great Sagan's ghost, and there is even more stuff!! Go check it out at . Take care folks!!

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