Sunday, September 4, 2011

Star Frontiers, Anyone?

Well here we are, another weekend here and I have been going through my rpg collection, checking out my Star Frontiers stuff. Awhile ago, I discovered a site or web ring that was devoted to this sci-fi rpg. Recently I stumbled across the revival of said game at where they have "digitally remastered" all of the old rulebooks and modules. In addition to this they put out a pdf magazine called The Star Frontiersman, which contains a wealth of info for the game and is up to issue sixteen. All of this is free to download and utterly wonderful, the only downside is now I have find people to play.

My first experience with SF was in middle school, a friend of mine brought his copy in and ran the the adventure that came with it. I had a blast and soon had a copy of my own. This find, coupled with my recent sci-fi rpg cravings, has really piqued my interest. So I invite you all to check out their site or pull out your old SF books and reminisce, and if their is anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area interested in playing (or running) a game of SF, feel free to let me know. Thanks and take care!!

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