Thursday, November 3, 2011

What to Play!! part 3

     In recent posts I have let you all know about Low Life, so if you do not know about it you should read my earlier posts. For the moment, let me tell you of Slipstream and its wonderful sci-fi pulpiness.  The titular slipstream is kind of a pocket dimension where the evil Queen Anathraxia rules. This is a land (space?) where Buck Rogers would feel at home, with rocket packs and ray guns. There are several playable races that are given the full treatment but there are even more that where they give you the stats and a brief description. Typical of pulp stories/games, your bad guys are bad, the good guys are good and some secrets might pop up to throw everyone for a loop.

     A world where alien invaders have killed or enslaved earth’s heroes, the villains have to step up to the plate. That is Necessary Evil. A supers game with some twists and turns, Necessary Evil has a lot going for it, especially since it was recently updated and published in the popular digest size. The plot point campaign is great, the creator, Clint Black, is to be commended for introducing the idea of powers that do not cost points per use. It can easily be used to run a supers game outside of the plot point setting. Mmm, super heroes.

     Sundered Skies is set in a fantasy world with a dark secret, a place where a horrible event tore the world asunder and the survivors live on floating islands in the void. People travel from place to place via flying sailing ships, and the traditional races are a bit untraditional in some ways. The light from the “skies” is called the glow and it can cause madness and may transform anyone who has exposed to too much of it. Really, flying ships, it is just awesome like that.

     High fantasy gets some love from Sean Patrick Fannon’s Shaintar. Magic is the manipulation of essence (life) and can be corrupted (darkness) and the antithesis of essence is flame, which is the power of the Abyss. The backstory is amazing, but unnecessary to play the game you have Good versus Evil, though you should not judge a book by its cover as you can play goblins, orcs, or ogres as well as a myriad of other races to choose from. Currently Reality Blurs is publishing an updated version (I have the first printing Talisman Studios version) with all kinds of support. I believe it will show up in 2012, and speaking of Reality Blurs…

     Iron Dynasty from Reality Blurs is an Asian fantasy setting with a little kick (yeah, groan all you want). In the lands of Konoyo, darkness has settled in as bamboo mechs are changing the face of war, causing samurai warriors to become a thing of the past. Oni, ghosts and undead threaten while the various regions eye each other warily.

     So there you have it, this Sunday we get together to decide. Maybe I will set up a poll before then to see what you guys think. Take care, and see you all later.

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