Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Upcoming DCC at Ravenstone! Plus my Appendix N

     Next month, I plan to run DCC at Ravenstone games, Wednesday (@ 6:00) and Saturday the 21st (Free RPG Day @ 1:00) I am also hoping to play some DCC at Origins. In addition to that, I have been listening to an excellent podcast focusing on DCC called Spellburn. Give it a shot, their passion lies in DCC but they occasionally bring up other games, usually in a "this is cool." or "how can I use/convert this to DCC" Wonderful stuff.
     Moving onto my next topic, during an episode of Spellburn, a listener sent an e-mail full of questions and the one that stuck out to me was what is each of the hosts Appendix N? That got me thinking about if I ran DCC, what would I draw from to build my campaign world? After some careful consideration I have four main things. The first is Robert Howard's Conan, for the savagery and how dangerous and corrupting magic can be. Then Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell trilogy, for the mythology that's seems to exist there with creepy ghost kids speaking through photos and disturbing visuals. Clive Barker for the horror fantasy vibe going through his stories, especially looking at my favorite explorers in agony and ecstasy- cenobites! Finally I would pull stuff from Adventure Time, with it's Ice King, talking dog Jake, and a candy kingdom. Sheer poetry, friends.

     So, what is your personal Appendix N/ What do you think of mine? Let's hear some feedback. Take care everyone!

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