Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coming up on an anniversary

      May 29th 2010 I put my first post out here, and here I am, approaching this blog's fourth birthday. Over 200 posts and nearing the 10,000 page view mark has me thinking about all the different things I have posted here these past few years. Interviews, maps and such have moved through here, with a few ideas left hanging.

     One of these days I want to pull all of my Tinker posts together, give it a polish and see what you all think. I will be doing more maps in the future, March was a blast for me. I also hope to post more OSR stuff here with different creatures, items and stuff. This is where I admit my April Artifice was a bit of a bust.

     I will be at Origins, Gen Con, and Con on the Cob this year and I hope to be at Gary Con next year. A lot of things to look forward to. I am currently trying to get a DCC game off the ground, with a game on Memorial Day. I just have to settle on where to have it, in case my flgs is closed that day. In closing I will leave you folks with this question, what would you like to see here? Take care and I will be back!

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