Friday, May 9, 2014

Going to Gen Con 2014

     Received notice that my application for a media pass has been accepted and therefore I will be attending Gen Con this year. Just need to figure out when I will be there and who I will be interviewing when I get there. Going through the artists attending I see several I would like to interview, though their awesomeness gives me pause (ie. I am nervous I will blow it, lol) I just need to remind myself of the interviews I have already done. Brave heart, Jim.

     In addition to doing interviews with famous artists, I hope to play/run some games and maybe a few demos. I am really looking forward to this and hope to be there more than one day this time. Anyone of my readers who are going, please let me know. I often wonder who is reading these posts. Well, you guys take care!

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  1. I'll either manning the Marooned booth, lurking at the Goodman Games booth, or singing in the halls during the days; evenings will be spent with the DCC crowd in the Embassy lobby. Same modus operandi as last year... It's just such a madhouse, and with events sprawled across the downtown hotels as well, it's tough to match schedules with everyone we want to catch up with.