Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Campaign

     I started a new campaign on Obsidian Portal, called Black Temple of the Ravening Gods. I want to run it with DCC to emphasize the weird darkness I hope to bring to it. I have used it once before when I was running my 4E game, there should be at least one map soon. I like the wiki aspect where I can add stuff/edit/link various things, and then I can look at what I have and smooth it out. Memorial day weekend is when I hope to run the first adventure in this world I am building, and it will be a joint effort, I will just lay the foundation like I did my 4E game. Anyone out there that is in the Columbus area that wants to play, let me know. I am hoping to run it at Ravenstone, but I have backup locations just in case. Take care all!

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