Thursday, May 1, 2014

Running a game in public

     First off, this is my two-hundred and first post. A little low for a four year old blog, but I have really stepped up the pace this past year. Enough about that, on with the show. I have been thinking about running games in public, not at my local store but out where the norms can see. I have thought about reserving a room at the library, which means I have to plan enough in advance to get one. It seems if you aren't three months ahead you cannot get one. Recently I have been eye balling a local coffee shop that has a lot of extra room, with tables and chairs. Plus it is on the small college campus here, so I might actually get some people showing up.

     I am excited and nervous at the thought. I really want to run fantasy, as in Labyrinth Lord or possibly DCC. I am not sure how that will go in public, if someone decides their character is a little dark how should I deal with that? Obviously if it is just the players and myself I would not be worried, but if the shop is busy? Maybe I am fretting needlessly. On the flip side, I could also run the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space rpg. Decisions, decisions!

     Well, let me know what you guys think, comments are welcome. Take care everyone!

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  1. Playing in public is not bad. the mundanes will ask question and soon move on or say they gamed x amount of years ago and are surprised that people still " do that". The big hurdle in playing around norms is the beginning feeling of the loss of intimacy, but that does go away. Posting flyers about organizing meeting at the local shops.

    You might have better luck tying in the Young Adult aspect at the library giving them a place to go as a safe haven.