Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mall Maul Yesterday...

     Got down to Cincinnati on time, started setting up. Felt a bit nervous, just performance anxiety, new venue, new crowd. There were at least one, maybe two of my friends who would be attending (they both made it) Otherwise it was people I may have spoken briefly to or complete strangers. Once we got rolling, there were seven people in attendance. 
As I have noted previously, I am not good at getting pictures taken. This was snapped as people were getting their stuff together to head out the door. All of the players were fantastic, and really got into the setting. Here is all who showed up; Andy Fix, Chris Schieffer, James Smith, Rick Hull, Jim Wampler, Beth and her son Luke.

     They made their way to the mall and 28 entered, eventually they came out with only a handful (five, maybe) of casualties and Jim Wampler's dwarf shepherd had a stylish sheep. It wore a pink scarf/bandanna and pink tutu. I'll have to work harder next time.

     Of course, I had to do a little exploring while I was down there. Apparently there is this amazing store (Jungle Jim's) with a fantastic international foods section (I will be taste testing the different bags of jelly babies I got there) and a monster beer section.
This was one of the beers I picked up last night, and I drank it while typing this up, yay. Here are a few pictures of some of the animatronics they had around the store. They were set to start up every five minutes or so.

Robin Hood here was above the British food section, cute. Catch you all later, and remember I am running a Doctor Who game next Friday at Ground Hog Day gaming retreat. Still need to get the pre gens together. Take care!

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