Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year, 2016!

      Welcome to 2016, and post number 300! This is the first day of the BX Campaign Challenge that is going on right now on Google+. I have three reference books I am reading to get myself acquainted with the part of the world I am fleshing out, ie. what a jungle is really like. Then I feel I can play with the reality of jungle life and maybe turn it on it's head a bit. Hopefully.
     Set up my work space, with a Crosley portable turntable to my left. This and Lego Dimensions Doctor Who pack were a Christmas gift, despite not having the actual game that it is a part of. The Lego figs are cool because I can have Capaldi riding K-9 like he was a motorcycle and the TARDIS can spin around on whatever record I am playing at the moment.

     My reference reading begins with Ed Stafford's Walking the Amazon: 860 days. One step at a time. So far it is interesting, though they have crossed the Andes (Peru) and are descending into the Amazon basin. Get to the jungle! I'm chomping at the bit for some action! Getting the basic ideas I have down, then once I have read through some of these I will add to it and twist some things around.

     Also, Have to sign up and register my game(s) for Ground Hog Day gaming. Feeling especially motivated since I just picked up the new core rule book. Even if I don't stay up there, I will at least go up to run my game.

     Enough of this, back to work! Take care everyone and Happy New Year!!

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