Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ground Hog Gaming Retreat 2016

     So yesterday I went up to Hudson, Ohio to attend GHD and run a game at four o'clock. Well, the game did not get going but there was plenty of board gaming. This was the first year they did role playing, so next year I will be back and I will at least have recruited some folks to play.My friends Super Dave and Tabitha Radzik were there, with a pile of Mayfair games ready to play with all interested parties.
Here we have the two of them showing me how to play Pompeii, which is a lot of fun. Especially the little volcano in the lower left corner of the picture. You start off populating the city with your people, and then when the volcano becomes active you try to escape. You get to toss the pieces that don't make it into Vesuvius.
Here is Super Dave, our friend Robert Kelly and myself playing Flip City. You start with a deck of ten cards and work on building your city by buying cards and flipping them for improvements. The publishers for this are Tasty Minstrel Games, whose site can be found here. We also played Star Trek Five Year Mission, a card and dice game. You flip cards and "solve" them by rolling dice of different colors and trying to match them to the corresponding dice pictured on the card. You take on the roles of Original Series or Next Gen Trek, each having a different game affecting ability. This was another Mayfair game. Finally, there was Wonky. A block stacking game that uses cards to determine what block you place, which direction play moves, and whether you can skip placing a piece altogether. I'm not a fan of these manual dexterity games, so I didn't care for it. Just not my thing.
They had a vendor there selling dice, and I decided to pick up a new 30 sider and a pig d6. The d30 is smaller then my other two, and the d6 goes with my other animal dice.

     All in all, despite not running my game, I had a fun night. As I said before, I'll be back next year, hopefully with a player or two in tow. So if you are in the North East Ohio area, and you like games, you should plan to come out and have some fun! Hopefully I will see some of you next year.

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