Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mall Maul, This Saturday!! Gateway Games and More!!

     Here we are, counting down the last few days until the big game. Looking forward to running this down in Cincinnati, hopefully it will be a hit and I will do it more often. Got my kit almost set up, here is a peek at my set up, so to speak.
     I have forty 0 level pre gens, so if someone burns through their initial three or four they can find a new one. Now zero level funnels typically don't need all the fancy dice, maybe a d3, but like having all of them there. I printed off eight 0 level enthusiast sheets from Purple Sorcerer's website which also is where the pre gens came from. So everyone who rolls a crit/fumble can know whether to cheer or groan. I'll bring all of my Crawling Under a Broken Moon zines, the most important being #3 where the adventure is.

     I am very excited, so if you are able you should come on over to Gateway Games this Saturday the 23rd at noon and join us. I have plenty of characters to go around and there will be some Road Crew swag available from this past year. Take care and I hope to see you all there!

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