Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ahn'Zhyyr slowly takes form

     And by slowly, I mean I have some notes and sparks of ideas that I hope to breathe into new life. The BX Campaign Challenge has begun and we are moving right along. I feel a bit sheepish, since I have not shared much of what I have, since what that amounts to is a few notes.Others in the group have been sharing all kinds of bits and pieces, and I salute them, but for me I need to build up a bit more before hoping to show any of this.

     What began as a straight up setting book, mimicking the old gazeteers and such, has twisted into something a bit different. I had started my project looking for rpg supplements for info on playing/running a game in the jungle and found nothing substantial. I then hit the library and got some books out, starting with the Amazon rain forest and I hope to find something about the Congo next. There will still be the remains of a troll civilization, gladiatorial combat, and some dark magic. Just with some randomness thrown in there. I hope this will be for those folks who do not want everything explained, something that they can mold into something special for their players. Well, wish me luck!

Addendum: It's funny that while I am writing about steamy jungles, we have finally gotten our first snow here. Ha!

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