Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ground Hog Day Gaming and Doctor Who

     So here we are, the day before the event and I am getting my stuff together for it, as well as maintaining my fastidious lifestyle. Ha, that last bit was a joke, because things have been a bit messy around here, I have had to play catch up. Enough of that, you are reading this because you are either bored or curious. Well if you can make it to the Ground Hog Day Gaming Retreat tomorrow, at 4'o clock I will be running Naukograd for whomever wants to play. The pre gens will most likely be from new who, there isn't a set of old Who character pdf's (there should be) and I wont have time to type them all up. If I am feeling froggy, maybe the fourth Doctor and Sara Jane, we'll see. Here is the link to the GHD Facebook page and the main registration page, though registration is over at this time there will be passes available there. I can't wait to see you all there.

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