Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome 2012!!

     New post, New Year!! Here we are again, I have been a bit lax, but with the holidays over I should be back on track. This Sunday is the second part of my Deadlands game, and I am looking forward to it. We have one person who wont be able to make it, but we shall forge ever onward. The last game saw the group traveling out West at the urging of an old friend. As the train moved into Arizona it was set upon by a desperate group of outlaws eager to divest the occupants of their precious valuables. Of course, a gunfight ensued and the bandits escaped leaving two of their own behind, one unconscious and the other most definitely deceased. One of the characters, a fire and brimstone preacher went to give chased and was brutally shot down. Thankfully the group was able to get him some medical attention (plus spent a few bennies) so he will be arriving in town with the rest.

     For Christmas I received  some Heroclix, which I used to play some years ago and may start up again, soon. In other news, while I am running Deadlands, I continue to cultivate ideas and plots for the return of my 4E game. I am looking forward to it and feel confident that they will get a kick out of it. I hope to bring some more interviews to you all in the coming months. Take care everyone, and goodnight!

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