Monday, January 30, 2012

Your niche group may seem big from the inside, but...

     This past week I was playing in a Heroclix sealed booster tournament, and while I waited in line to purchase said boosters I listened to the two guys ahead of me.
Guy 1: "Pathfinder Battles, what's that?"
Guy 2: "Looks Mage Knight."
That was the extent of the conversation, they did not make the connection between an rpg miniatures game and Dungeons and Dragons. At first I was surprised, shocked even, and then I realized that if they had not tried rpg's that they would be unfamiliar with them. They would not be on the inside. Sometimes when you are on the inside of a fan base it is hard to realize how big (or small) it is.

     I think we should all get together and see how we can expand our hobby. To make it something to proud of, no matter who you tell it to. Take care guys!

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