Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where to stand in the edition wars?

     A quick little post here in case any of you have not been hipped to this great and hilarious web series Dungeon Bastard. Check out his latest episode here
Go on, I'll wait here until you're done.

     Back? Good. We should be working together to build up our community and not squabbling like a bunch of kids at recess. Like I have said before, play what you want you want and respect other people's choices for whatever game they want to play.

     I am looking forward to seeing what Wizards comes up with, but if I do not like it I have plenty of other games to choose from, and why waste my energy complaining about what is wrong when I can enjoy something I like.

     I will be returning to finish my 4E game in a couple months and hope to complete that campaign with more amazing moments. They left off having just raised the demolished tiefling capitol from within the Starfel crater and set it (reformed) floating above the gaping chasm. Jinx will have a hand in helping their ruling class establish order and the wizard, Quorien, will get an urgent missive from the scarlet spire asking for his aid. Oh I have some great plans when we return, hehehe.

     Take care and please fell free to leave a comment.

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