Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DnD Next, eh?

     So on Monday, Wizards announced the are working on the next version of Dungeons and Dragons, and that they will be looking to their fans for some guidance. A move some people see as a misstep, but it worked well for Pathfinder, which most DnD detractors seem to love, so I feel a bit of hypocrisy at work here.  So Wizards would like to create a game that all DnD fans can get behind, which I feel is admirable and may amount to be a herculean task. I hope they pull it off, as I am tired of splintered fan base, and would enjoy playing the game as opposed to feeling I need to defend it.

     I hope they do not go back to vancian magic, as it makes the spell casters essentially one hit wonders. On the subject of modularity that they hope to bring to the game, I wonder if it will be like what Savage Worlds Deluxe brought to that game. In that rule set they give you different ways to deal with damage, for example, there is the traditional and then there is gritty damage which is as it sounds, basically you want to avoid needless combat in that case. Maybe skill lists can be modular, begin the campaign with the question "Are we going to need the full set or just the basic?".

     Of course all of this is pure speculation as nothing specific has been announced from Wizards, just their intentions. I am looking forward to what they have up their sleeves and I pray they are able to bring these seemingly disparate groups under one game. Good luck WotC!! Also, please let me know what you all think, leave me a comment.

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