Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday's game and Sentinels of the Multiverse

     So this past Sunday's game did not go off as planned (only half of the group showed) but one them had just bought a copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse, so we played that. It was the first time playing it for the three of us but we caught to the basics pretty quickly. The players pick from ten different heroes who each have there own deck, then they decide which villain (of which there are eight) to fight and which environment (of which there are four) to fight in. Needless to say it gives it a lot of replay-ability, which we saw by playing it twice. For the record we were beat both times, though the second game went better as we caught on to how to use our powers and stuff.

     The first game we picked  our heroes and fought the villain Citizen Dawn in Megalopolis. She becomes immune to damage if five or more citizens (read her minions) are in the discard pile. Our strategy seemed straightforward, we had to hurt her and do minimal damage control on the citizens. We started out doing alright, but were quickly locked down by the minions various abilities. Basically we were stuck in a downward spiral with no obvious way out.

     Our next game was versus Omnitron in the Savage primalis(?) and two of us picked different heroes. This went a lot better but still ended in a loss. I think we need more players, at least one. Still I really had fun playing it and felt it captured the comic genre admirably.

     Well that is all for now, please leave comments and questions, and I will get back to you. Take care, bye.

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