Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meg Lyman: Artist and Cuttlefish Lover?

     Meg Lyman: artist, engineer, and all around amazing woman. I first met Meg in 2003 at Andy Hopp's first artist retreat, which eventually become Con on the Cob. She has really polished her unique style and expanded into different mediums, culminating into participation in Larry Elmore's legendary painting class this past year! Now, let us ask some questions, shall we?

Is it true you have an engineering degree?
Why yes, that is true. Two, actually. They help with my "real" job. I used to work on airplane engines but now work on gas turbines for electricity generation.

What first triggered your love of art?
It was always just there. I've drawn things that don't exist for as long as I could hold a blunt instrument. However, seeing the work of Ursula Vernon finally inspired me to start painting in 2005, and my earlier stuff has a lot of her influence in it.

Which artist/creator do you admire most and why?
See above, for whimsy and imagination. Also, all my fellow Con on the Cob-type artists, who consistently make an effort to share things they've learned and encourage other artists. For classics, my favorites are Velazquez and Dali.

You draw a lot of octopi, is that your favorite animal?
How could you tell? :) I love cuttlefish, too.

Your blog (@ ) deals with art and beer, really? What is your favorite beer?
I love dark, sweet beers. A favorite is Terrapin Wake 'n' Bake. Also, Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout, which is a winter seasonal.

What is your favorite medium to work in, also have you tried sculpting?
Gouache! It's a coarser, opaque cousin of watercolors. I am doing more oil paint now as well. I have made a few 3D things, but I really want to focus on learning my current media before I go willy-nilly trying everything. It's hard to suppress the urge.

Do you play any board/card/role-playing games?
Not really. My husband does a lot, so I am quite familiar with it... but my nerdiness manifests itself in other ways.

How did you first manage to get mixed up with Andy Hopp?
A friend found him on the internet and hooked us up through the Wanderers Guild. It was the first time I realized there were art nerds out there. I wasn't alone!

Any upcoming projects we should look out for?
Next year promises to have some changes for the better! I'm looking to keep up the cephalopods, but branch more into other, less cartoony topics. But still whimsical! I love making people laugh.

Is your art site (@ ) all set up, can people at least come and buy your wonderful stuff?
It's mostly functional, but it needs an overhaul. The store is glitchy, so I do all my sales through e-mail/Paypal or in person.
When you arrived at that first artist weekend, you had a broken leg and had been in an accident with a deer on your way there. Is it true that you ate that deer's heart to gain its power?

Nooo...... not at all...
I still have one of the bastard's antlers.

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