Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Race to World First

    I was checking outhttp://theinstance.net/ like I do, and was happily surprised to see that I could watch a World of Warcraft documentary, WooHoo! Specifically, Race to World First, which I have been hearing so much about, especially on The Instance WoW podcast.

      Race to World First is a documentary about various World of Warcraft guilds around the globe competing to be the first to complete the initial set of raids in Cataclysm. Currently you can watch it for free through their website http://www.racetoworldfirst.com/ and I recommend viewing it if you like competitive gaming or if you are curious what this is all about. It deals mainly with two guilds, Blood Legion and Paragon, as well as some others such as Method, Adept, Ensignia, etc. You get to witness their struggle as they work with each other to be the best, and tempers flare. Their is no drama without conflict, and you also learn about these people and it is just a great thing. I really recommend it, especially since it is free at the moment.

     I love the end, where the co-hosts of the instance decide they are going to group up and do a raid, it just sounds like an invitation to come into the world and have fun, it is not all serious, and who knows, you may learn something too!

PS. I also highly endorse The Instance podcast if you are or thinking of getting into WoW, it is a great show with wonderful personalities whom I really enjoy.

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