Friday, April 10, 2015

May 9th, the Mall Maul!

     Saturday, May 9th from 10am until 2pm at Ravenstone Games, I will be running Mall Maul. It is a zero level funnel, so I will have plenty of pre gens on hand. Here is the synopsis, "Due to an unfortunate series of events, you and twenty or so of your fellow villagers have volunteered to search a nearby shopping mall. The goal is to bring back enough loot to appease the raiders who are coming to collect the tribute. You have always been warned to stay away from there, but there are no other options. The raiders are coming and take what they want if they are not satisfied by what is offered."

This is a Crawling Under a Broken Moon adventure by the inimitable Reid San Filippo, so there will be plenty of post apocalyptic weirdness going on. Ravenstone is located at 1675 Karl Ct, Columbus Ohio 43229. So come on in and roll some bones, it'll be fun!

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