Saturday, April 11, 2015

[int'l table top day] Nano Bot Battle Arena

I have had a copy of Nano Bot Battle Arena since this past Con on the Cob, where my wife and son played a demo and then picked it up. A game for 2-8 players, running 30+minutes, it seemed a good game to play at the local coffee shop.

The players were Kelly, Jeremiah and myself. The premise is that each player is a scientist trying to grow the longest strand of nano bots while hindering the other scientists` efforts. The game ends when someone runs out of nano bots in their cache. There are eight different nano bots and eight different reaction cards (which have one, two, or three charges)

The tile on the top right is a ghost nano, and the card it has an affinity for is blink. If I am playing that blink against a ghost player, it's charge drops to a two. On the bottom right is the echidna, whose affinity card is growth. If I am using the echidna and play that card, the charge becomes two instead.

To start, each player picks which nano he wants to use, then draws a starting hand consisting of three 1's, two 2's,and one 3. The starting player then placed his tile in the center of the play area, plays a reaction card, and then draws a card. Then the next person builds off the first tile, and so on until someone's cache runs out of bots.

Then whomever has the longest chain wins. There are plenty of ways to mess with your opponents between tile placement and card use. Once players get used to how things work, turns run much smoother. All in all it was really fun, and we played three games in a little over two hours. Thanks for bearing with me, my tablet has been crashing. Hopefully you have checked out the other blogs, if not then here ya go.


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