Thursday, April 9, 2015

Look what I got! Gary Con VII (part two)

     Here we are, the last bits that I brought back from the con.
Of course, I needed to get a Metal Gods t-shirt to complete my stylish wardrobe. Meant to pick up a Gary Con shirt, but this was a necessity. My friend Brian Thomas gave me an original of his, a four armed demon wielding wicked looking daggers. For the Hyper Cube of Myt, I had a mendicant named Ploog. In addition to having a club, he had some cheese dip he was willing to use.
 Lesser Gnome had Tophas dice for sale, and they were giving away two different pins as well as one of their dice. I ended up with three of those dice, due to my forgetting about the free stuff Zach had given away earlier in the con. There you go, an amazing event with awesome friends and cool merchandise. Here's hoping I can make ut back next year!

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