Friday, March 27, 2015

Gary Con VII, day one

     Got into the con today, and wow what a start. While not a big convention, Gary Con has a lot of personality. Picked up our badges and began checking out the place.
 Made a pass through the dealer's room, and it was small but the quality was huge! Ran into J.V. West, who had some amazing little free zines he is giving away this weekend.

We hung out for awhile, went through dealer's room, where we talked to Zach Glazar about his awesome Lesser Gnome products. Then I broke down and spent some money, which I will go into at the end of the weekend. Saw Adam from Drink Spin Run, and he had a surprise for me! (A bottle of Dragon's Milk. Shh, don't tell anyone) Unfortunately we were not able to talk for long.

I also ran into Reid San Filippo and his steel top hat! He invited me to play in his zero level funnel "Mall Maul" from his zine, Crawling Under a Broken Moon. I happily accepted, and as we talked just prior to the game, he shared some amazing things he is getting ready to spring on the DCC zine scene! When the game began there were eight of us playing, each of us had three characters each to start and there were three extras in case someone lost all of their guys. We managed to have eleven out of those twenty-seven survive. Everyone had a blast and it was a treat to experience Reid's wonderful GM'ing style. After that I met up with Jason Braun and Brian Thomas for awhile, then it was time to go. Barbecue pork chops, baked beans and steamed vegetables awaited me. Have I mentioned how fantastic this trip has been!


  1. Fantastic update! Glad you're having a good time!

  2. It was good to see you again, man! We need to squeeze in some gaming this week!