Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gary Con VII, day 0

     Wednesday started out a bit crazy, had to take the van back intto get the steering checked out, then I had the brake light come on (due to me accidentally hitting the parking brake with my foot) We hit the road a little later than we wanted, thankfully missing the big thunderstorm that rolled through in the early morn. The day continued to be grey but uneventful, thankfully. A late lunch at a Steak n' Shake between Indianapolis and Chicago helped us power through the second half of our trip, which included Chi-town toll roads at rush hour.    
   We arrived around 6:00 pm, at my friend's brother's house. It is an amazing place and the brothers were happy to see each other, a big dinner was all ready to go. Thought about leaving for the party at Frank Mentzer's, but it was dark after and that made me alittle nervous. I chickened out but this was my dinner...

 I am excited about Thursday, see you all later at the Con!

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