Monday, July 4, 2011

It's been a long time (btw, Happy fourth!!)

Sorry folks, been awhile but I am back, also my Sunday night game is still going! some close calls but no fatalities, though they had to leave the human capital of Galen to return to the Lost Village down South. For any newcomers, My Sunday game is a 4E sandbox that has been going for nearly a year I think and I hope to take the players to level thirty.

On free rpg day, I ran the free adventure/introductory kit for All Flesh Must Be Eaten entitled "The Waking Dead". There were three people there to try it out and we had a lot of fun, especially myself when I got to describe some of the zombies, hehe. All Flesh does not use maps and minis (though you could, I suppose), so it was a bit of a change. I would love to run a one off or a small campaign for it in the future, possibly a Halloween game is in order!

Now, with summer comes some free time with the kids, which means trying to play some of these games I have purchased and have not played. First in line was Dungeon Twister ( and it was fun. Next was Z-G, which has been out of print for awhile (2001 in fact) here is the link to the board game geek page .

Origins happened just last weekend and once again the family and I went with the day pass. My oldest son found and purchased some Z-G figures in the dealers room, so I assume he had fun when we played the week before. I picked up some old Mage Knight stuff (oh man, some of the paint jobs, rough!) also picked up Telestrations, like playing telephone but drawing instead of whispering to the person next to you. It was a great party game, and if you are into those kinds of games I would call it a must have!

I am still wanting to run a sci fi savage worlds game, using Interface Zero as a basis. So many games, so little time!! Alright, I will stop there and hope to be back in a couple of weeks.

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