Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where will it go from here?

Saturday here, and I am getting stuff together for tomorrow's 4E dungeons and dragons game. The group is headed to the goliaths settlement in the middle of the swamp and I can see a few different ways this session can go. The two main directions are that they arrive and help the tribe, then head back to the Lost Village or they help and then enter the Tomb of the World. So I will be assembling the bare essentials that will need for whichever path they choose. Basically enough preparation so that I can wing it if they go in a different direction.

The befriending part of the game is the common denominator here, so a skill challenge should be in order. I am thinking of also adapting something from the DDI article "Surely You Joust!", turning it into a contest of strength and skill. The next step is to do some basic groundwork in the different ways this can go after they have won the respect of the goliaths. Which means what are they going to find if they get into the tomb or what is waiting for them back at the village. Whatever happens I know it will be fun and challenging. I hope to post more after we have played, so I hope to be posting something tomorrow evening. Take care guys!

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