Saturday, July 9, 2011

Making maps, just like in school!!

So, this past week, I have been drawing maps in notebook of graph paper. Currently I am transferring the map I drew for my Sunday game to a big piece of Gaming Paper. I mark off the "edge" of the map, each square equaling a square on the the final map. Once I finished the "Lost Village" map, I began playing around with designing space station floors. It has been a lot of fun, I should see about putting up a picture of it when I am done.

I like to do a light drawing on the gaming paper in pencil, I double check and fix any problems, then go over it with markers of different colors. I made a swamp map this way and it turned out pretty well, and has been used a few times since that initial game.

Also, if anyone has advice for me, I want to pop these mage knight and horror clix figures off their bases and put them on metal washers, or something like that. The mage knight ones I may repaint first, since the paint job on them looks pretty rough. Any help will be greatly appreciated, take care guys!

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