Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jinx Hellstrom: 20 years into the future

Tonight's game had the PC's being snatched forward in time an indeterminate amount of time. Brock is tasked, by the girl he has a crush on, to take a magical device back to his present and "Stop the rain." among other things. Jinx, a tiefling, is confronted by one of her own race for "betraying her own people", he even slaps her when she interrupts him. Abruptly a dark shape swoops down through a great hole in the ceiling and grabs the people from the future and flings them off a nearby balcony. Upon landing the group can see they are up against a purple dragon!

Shortly after engaging the dragon, a fomorian slavedriver named Kurd drops in through the ceiling and attacks the group from the rear. Soon after the minions (four of them)approach and two illithids creep around the edge of the fight. It was a hard fight (dazed conditions are a pain) but they managed to pull through. It was very satisfying, I feel I am a step closer to learning how to balance an encounter. I do not want them shrugging their way through it, but I do not want them to be dying all over the place.

My approach this time was to look at what minis I had and see what worked with the story I wanted to tell. Next I used the monster builder to find appropriate stats and changed them when necessary. I then looked through my map collection for closest to what I wanted and used a few dungeon tiles to represent various aspects of the terrain, like holes in the floor and piles of debris. I was very happy the way it turned out and am looking forward to the next game in two weeks. Take care everyone and see you later!


  1. "Engaged" the dragon? The dwarf fighter jumped onto the dragon's head and began bashing it with his hand axes! The changeling harried the dragon with her sword while the tiefling bard tricked the fomorian into bashing the dragon. Twice. And the half-dead elf wizard cleaned up after all the hard work was done. We didn't "engage" that dragon, we made it our bitch.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, I was hoping one of you guys would pipe up. It was pretty epic, and I'm glad you took the chance. It was a bit close there, you gotta admit, eh?