Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Updates, 11/03/2015

     Still looking for zine folks to attend next year's Con on the Cob. Currently Gennifer Bone wants to give it a shot, and while not involved in zines, she is an up and coming artist for the the OSR (Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Lusus Naturae) We hung out for a bit, just talking and drawing. It was a lot of fun, just rambling and sketching.
     This is a return to my days doing watercolors for a local gallery. I may have to break out my paints. Currently looking for more people to convince they should attend the con. Dreaming big here.

     Also working on NaGa DeMon, figuring out how to do this. Each week, either Wednesday or Thursday, I will have an update for what I am developing for it. Currently getting stats and notes for the gas bags. Also planning what art I should get ready for next year's con. That's all for now, take care!

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