Monday, November 16, 2015

The Legend of Hell House

     So, finally Netflix has Legend of Hell House streaming, just in time for...Thanksgiving? Eh, I better than not at all. I remember watching this on vhs in the 80's, so I am sitting down to see if it matches up to my memories. Give me a moment while I watch it, be right back.

     Sweet Jumpin Bajeemers! Roddy McDowall is one of my favorites from that era, and he does well here as the sole survivor of a previous investigation of the infamous Belasco "Hell" house. The typical millionaire wanting proof of life after death pays a group (physical medium, mental medium, and a physicist with his wife) to enter the house and come out with evidence of the afterlife. Roddy (playing the physical medium) barely made it out of the house alive the last time he entered and this time he is playing it safe.

     The effects are great, and the vocal effects are fantastic. Bonus surprise, Delia Derbyshire worked on the music/electronic score! A lot here that can be used in Call of Cthulhu, Cryptworld or any number of rpg's. Simply a fantastic haunted house movie. Give a look!


  1. Huh! I just queued it up last night to watch it this evening!