Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NaGa DeMon update 2

     An enormous system of caverns adjacent to Alucar recently opened. Inside explorers discover a lost world of wonders. One Tyrannosaurus Rex stalks the area, while packs of deinonychus and procompsognathus roam unchecked.
     Now, I have previously statted out the T-Rex here. He wanders the caverns relatively unchecked, his size being the only reason he has not besieged Alucar already. Next down the line are the Deinonychus (what they called velociraptors in Jurassic Park) and they travel in small packs, using basic tactics to take down prey. Flanking, ambushing, that sort of thing. The final saurian predator in these time lost caverns are the Procompsognathus. They travel or hunt in large packs, almost like a swarm, rushing their objective to overwhelm with speed and numbers.

     In addition to these carnivores, there should be some herbivores as well. Expect to see the reliable old Triceratops, Stegasaurus, and maybe an Ankylosaurus. The meat eaters need something to devour, right? I plan to stat these guys out, as well as the gas bag, an post them here this weekend. Fingers crossed. Also I hope to have that pic above inked sometime this month. My hope is that this set of caverns will be good for the adventuresome, explorer type characters. Hopefully there can be something for everyone when  I am done here. Take care guys!

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