Friday, August 15, 2014

Gen Con 2014: day two

     Here I am, typing away. After posting yesterday I went back to the exhibit hall visited Goodman Games booth (again) to pick up their program guide. When you purchase this item, you roll on a table to see if you get anything else, examples are getting the guide itself for free or one of the giant posters that adorn the booth. I happened to get the 50 dollars off my purchase at the Troll Lord Games booth, with a qualifier that it is not endorsed by Troll Lord. I was nervous as I approached the Troll Lord guys, but they werepretty cool about it, they liked the note that Joe Goodman wrote for me.

     Today started off well, I went to play in a DCC game at Embassy Suites, and it was amazing. I have a picture but my tablet does not want to load, bleargh! I got to play a dwarf,and I almost died once. Out of the six of us that started, only four survived. I got to watch a spell duel and the halfling jumped off a platform and landedthe villain who had been hovering out of range. That has been all of what I have done so far today. More to come!

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