Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gen Con 2014: day one

     So, here I am at Gen Con, surrounded by gamers of all stripes. I am not a big fan of enormous crowds, but for this I can make an exception. I have visited with friends and swung by the Goodman Games booth to pickup my kickstarter adventures and a few fanzines I neededto pick up. So far it is looking pretty good. I have pictures, but I cannot get them to load, so you will get visuals later.

     One of my highlights today was meeting Reid San Fillipo, creator of the awesome zine Crawling Under a Broken Moon. I talked with him for a bit, hopefully I will talk with him later. I also got to talk a bit with Nick Seidler of the Diary of Doctor Who rpg's online zine(at Really cool stuff there. More stuff later, fingers crossed!