Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday's Game and How to build a better sign up sheet

     So, yesterday's game did not go off, and I feel my sign up sheet was to blame. It only gave the barest information-what, when, where. So I have taken that lesson and applied it to my future games, starting with February onward. When putting your sheet together you want to let people who may not be as familiar with the game to know what it is all about(ie. Shaintar=high fantasy/good versus evil) therefore they will be more willing to give it a chance. Also, in case they are curious but have some questions, leave an e-mail address or telephone number where they can get a hold of you. Once you have all that together you can give it a little flash or keep it simple, but these tips should help you get some players to your table. I will be rescheduling the Shaintar game for later in the year, maybe doing two games in one month. I hope this helps you guys out there. Take care!
Here is the first sheet I did *sigh*

Here is the improved one, I later added some tear off strips with my e-mail address in case anyone had questions.

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