Monday, January 20, 2014

Labyrinth Lord Game, March 15th

     I have set a date for the March game, once more to be ran at Ravenstone Games, Saturday March 15th at 12:30. It will be Labyrinth Lord (OSR retro clone, basic/expert D&D) set at the edge of a vast forest. The pc's will be investigating strange happenings amongst the trees. I will have a sign up sheet up there later today, see my previous post about the subject as I have a couple of examples up there now.

     The April game is tentatively Andy Hopp's Low Life using Savage Worlds, no fixed date on that one yet. A reminder, February's game is Streets of Bedlam, pitting pc cops against the mean streets of Bedford and Lamrose (Bedlam to the locals) come on down and sign up! See you later.


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