Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

     You guys already know about one of the things I have decided to do in the new year, running a game once a month for the year. It starts on the eighteenth with Shaintar, 12:30 at Ravenstone Games. Really looking forward to that, and in February it will be Labyrinth Lord in the lair of Vol'choloris.

     The past couple of weeks I have been doing some illustrations, some in preparation for rendering in watercolors. This year I will get back into creating art as well as interviewing artists. A crazy idea of mine is to set up a tent in my yard and use it like a mini art gallery to show some of my work and whoever else would like to join me.

     Like this past year, I will be purchasing one Doctor Who dvd per month, starting with Reign of Terror for January. Watching it as I speak, a fun little adventure that I have previously only read as a novelization.  Hartnell is wonderful, working his way to Paris to rescue his friends, bullying the bullies (especially the jailer) the first Doctor is quite wily! Take care everyone!


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