Sunday, November 17, 2013

Upcoming Doctor Who Blitz!

     This is the final week before the anniversary special and here is what BBC America has planned! Monday starts with Doctors Revisited (first through tenth) all day, then Tales from the TARDIS which features exclusive interviews with cast members from the show's fifty years. Afterwards is the Science of Doctor Who with Professor Brian Cox, going over the science behind the show. Tuesday is a ninth Doctor marathon, Wednesday is the tenth, Thursday, Friday and saturday they have split the eleventh up. Friday night there is Doctor Who Explained, which is more interviews with cast members and others involved in the show. Finally they have Adventures in Space and Time at 9:00 PM eastern time and I am almost as excited to see that as I am to see the special! Saturday of course has Day of the Doctor and later Tennant and Smith show up on the Graham Norton Show at 10:00 PM. Lots of wonderful Who related goodness, just dig in everyone!

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