Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Sunday's game and looking to the future.

Last Sunday was my bi-weekly D&D 4E game and it went just fine, even though we are currently missing our rogue, one of the guys played him as well as his own (I hope that made sense). The pc's were looking for odd jobs to get in with the local nobles when a tailor asked if they would check out a subterranean room he found under his cellar. It seems that the city of Galen was built over top of some ruins, normally the man would just let the local scholars know about it and they would come and look it over and try to preserve the knowledge. Lately, if someone finds something like this, the royal guard comes and takes it out, usually not caring what gets damaged in the process.

Upon reaching the tailor's, they find he heard a great gurgling and sloshing noise come from the stairs he discovered under his cellar floor. A great red geyser erupted from the hole in the floor, and he quickly run up the stairs a slammed the door. Seeing the pc's hesitation, he offers more gold to the group and they can keep what they find. They accept and head down into the cellar, which is dimly lit so the wizard casts light on a crossbeam in the center of the ceiling. They barely get in when they are attacked by a huge crimson ooze. While fighting they do some checks (nature, arcana) and discover this elemental magical ooze. They are happy when the fight is over because there were some close moments in there.

After a short rest they venture down the stairs and into a good sized room. They see four broken sarcophagi six statues, one in each corner and two flanking a bowl resting on a small dais in the center of the room. The rogue sneaks up and looks in the bowl, finding a glowing object laying within (I needed to change what the magic item was). As he lifts it out of the bowl the corner statues come to life, a fierce red glow in their eyes. A moment later, the two statues at the bowl attack the rogue. This battle was really close at times, which is how I like them to be hehe. After the automatons healed themselves a bit, the guys got serious and knuckled down. Encounters were encountered and dailies dealt, crits were flying also as well some bad luck rolling ones that one of the players finally shook off. When the dust settled they had another mini mystery that they will have to deal with next game as we had ran out of time.

Sometime in the near future, a friend of mine is moving back into my neck of the woods. I am hoping to get him and a few others to try the dawn of worlds I mentioned some time ago, once that is done I want to turn it into a regular Savage Worlds game. I will let you guys know how it all shakes out. Thanks for reading and take care!

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