Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sci Fi Saturday

So, I have been running my D&D game for some months now, but every so often I get the urge to run something different. Lately, that urge has been a sci fi game, set in a distant future where a portion of humanity is trapped on the other side of the galaxy. No aliens to start with, just humans and strange floral/fauna. The basic idea is a large colonization force has went through a hyper gate to the opposite side of the galaxy to prepare certain planets for occupation. Shortly afterward, the gate is destroyed (or breaks down, don't have it pinned down in my head) effectively trapping the colonists. As usual I would run this with Savage Worlds, though the only sci fi setting of theirs that I own is Slipstream, I really hope they put out a sci fi companion soon.

Despite this I continue running my Sunday game, once I sit down to prepare I get excited about it. It seems I have to take that first step, to say "Well, the game is coming up, better make it a good one." Oh, sometimes I have an amazing (in my opinion) encounter for one of the characters and that pulls me along, just sometimes I need to nudge myself into it.

I would find encouragement if others had this same issue and would let me know, please leave a comment. I have really liked the few comments I have had so far, but I would always like to get more of them. Thanks for taking the time to check this out.


  1. It sounds to me like you might be having a slight uphill battle coming up with sci-fi themed adventures.

    Sci-fi is not as easy when it comes to adventure creation as fantasy games. You want to come up with things can bend the mind, to take the "what if" question to the nth degree.

    If I had to write down adventure ideas for sci-fi vs fantasy and I have run alot of games of both over the last 25 years I would get stuck after about a page of sci-fi and wouldn't have to even slow down with fantasy ideas after many many pages.

    You need good science fiction ideas. Go to your bookstore/library and get some sci-fi short story anthologies. My personal favorites are the The New Space Opera 1 and 2 anthologies by Garnder Dozois and Jonathan Strahan.

    Also, take a look at the following: I have used them and found them terrific idea starters.

    The Adventure Idea Factory - science fiction

    And 101 Sci-Fi Adventure Seeds

  2. Oh, and something else I just ran accross that should be very helpful. See the article, Exploration for the Narrator:

    It talks about how to do an exploration based science fiction game, which your example clearly indicates.

  3. The idea for your setting reminded me a bit of Deadlands: Lost Colony, though I've not read it myself, might be worth a look.

    If you want to run a campaign I'd say the most important thing (for me atleast) is sit down in work out the details of your world/setting. Once you've thought out a coherent world stories and adventures will follow automatically. Hope that helps a bit!