Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!! Oh, and don't blow up the world :P

Welcome back, it's been awhile so this will be a bit lighter than usual. My Sunday D&D game is heading into a new phase, the players almost in paragon tier. They will soon be rubbing elbows with nobility, royalty and leaders of the rabble. I am positioning them to be known in the various nations positioned around Galen, the human one they are currently in. What they have gotten hints about in the past few months is someone is looking for an artifact that may bring about the end of the world. Soon, that will be the least of their worries. I will not give anything away, so if you are in my game, you may continue reading, hehe.

I love fantasy settings that have a bit of a twist to them, examples being Evernight, Legend of the Five Rings(L5R) and Sundered Skies to name a few. Recently World of Warcraft shattered the world of Azeroth, creating a new play experience for veteran players and straightening some convoluted quests. In L5R, the world could have experienced a thousand years of darkness if Fu Leng, the living dark god, had not been defeated by the seven thunders. The story implications from a catastrophe of at least nation wide proportions are exciting, and I hope my group will enjoy what I have up my sleeve.

Once more I am swiping ideas from reliable sources, and reminding everyone reading this that they can, also. If any of you have done anything like this to their group, please share with the rest of us. Once this phase of the game is finished, I will share with you all. Take care!!

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