Saturday, December 19, 2015

Crawling Under a Broken Moon #11 review

     This issue focuses on the clerics of the different faiths first introduced in issue #4. What started as a random table (Whose temple is that?, page 7) in there, has been well expanded.
     Each individual listing gives you the lowdown on the deity, their followers and their relationship to others. Any special rules for that particular group and which creatures they consider unholy (which can be an entertaining read) and special ways they can interact with their deity (Followers of Santa's Gift that keeps on giving, Kizz's enlightened awesomeness) Each entry specifies which creatures they find unholy, and are therefore able to turn (Santa can turn the naughty) Fourteen faiths in all and every one of them amazing.

     Then we come to a substitute for halflings, the Feral Urchins. Reminiscent of the wild kid from Road Warrior and the mutating kids from the OS Star Trek episode "Miri" there are three ways to play it. Depending on your alignment (though not set in stone) there Wildchildren(Chaotic) Slingers(Neutral) and Nerds(Lawful) There is enough that is different from halflings that if a group contained both they would not step on each other's toes.

     Weapons of the Wastelands returns to give us different armor types (biker jacket equals leather armor, scrap metal is like scale mail) some special armor (silver suits, power armor!) and some common homemade weapons. The section finishes with "Cheap, AKA damaged goods". In case your players can't afford a new weapon, here are some quick rules for buying/using cheap-crappy equipment.

     Hologram is a brand new class, they carry their data disc with them, like Tron, but interact with the real world. There is an occupation table to roll on, for starting holograms, as well as a corruption table to make it more interesting. As always, cool new options await!

     Twisted Menagerie returns as well with the scorpionoid, with enough back story to make them more than mindless, cackling drones to throw at the pc's. They look to be pretty deadly, but wave a soda in front of one and he might let you rub his belly. You'll see when you read it.

     Lastly, we have a piece about when deities call in favors and what happens if the pc's don't comply. Just remember, good stuff happens when your patron/god is pleased with you. There you have it, fantastic content and great art, Reid and company have delivered again.  Get it while you can!

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