Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Game Store in the Middle of Nowhere

     Just got back from the North Carolina/Cherokee area, where I came across a small game store called the Wizard's Guild. It was relatively small (cozy) but it still had a nice selection of board and card games. The big names of role playing were represented, though I imagine the owner could order product for you. It was cool to see this place in the midst of all the camping, hunting, and tourist type stores. The customers and staff were pleasant and there are regular events held there. I picked up a cooperative card game called Hanabi, where you are fireworks pyro technicians getting a fireworks display together. I also picked up a the pocket version of OGRE. I will tell more about Hanabi in a later post.

     On the way home I stopped into Cincinnati's Gateway Games and more. It was fantastic, with a great variety of role playing games. The big thing for me was the selection of fanzines and independent, third party type stuff. I was able to complete my Crawljammer collection. Woot! I am thinking of running Mall Maul down there sometime. Time to get some rest, take care everyone!


  1. You forgot to mention their 4 year anniversary coming up this last weekend of June. Always a big shindig!

  2. I was in Cherokee two years ago for my best friend's daughter's graduation from Western Carolina. Though Cherokee itself is a tourist trap, it's very pretty up there. I had no idea the store was up there and it probably gets some business from WCU students. Glad you had a good time in our fair state.