Monday, June 10, 2013

Some more great people to meet at Origins 2013

     So I mentioned Kenson and Urbach last time since they are Guests of Honor, well here are some who may not be guests, but are some fantastic individuals.

     Starting off is Jamie Chambers and Signal Fire Studios, who have brought Metamorphosis Alpha (by the inimitable Jim Ward) back to the masses. Other offerings include Building an Elder God and Pantheon. Jamie Chambers helped create the cortex system behind the Serenity rpg by Margaret Weis Productions. So definitely check out the his booth.

     Heather Kreiter will once again be in attendance, bringing her My Little Demon deliciousness along with the rest of her work which includes Legend of the 5 Rings and Vampire: the Eternal Struggle. An expert with markers, as well as oil paints, she is also an accomplished taxidermist. Well worth stopping by her booth to admire her work, you wont regret it.

     Rounding us out is the wonderfully weird, Andy Hopp. He currently has a kickstarter to update his Low Life rpg and bring it back to the masses bigger and shinier than ever. Andy's work has appeared in many places, from the Bestiary of Loerem to Alphabeast Soup. His style is off the wall at times, but is always amazing, so please stop by and say howdy.

     That is it for now, take care and have fun at the con!

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